Primateki teabevara // 5 Facts About Powder Coatings

1. Powder coating is a young trend in the industry.

Despite the fact that powder coatings are 60-70 years old, powder-polymer materials are only at the beginning of their development. But the first traditional paints appeared in the Stone Age, when objects were painted using a mixture of bright minerals or colored clay.

2. Powder coatings are obtained by transforming dry components into a liquid state, and then again into a dry state.

The process of manufacturing powder-polymer materials is especially impressive for those who observe it for the first time.

3. 60% of the composition of thermosetting powder materials is resin.

The type of resin influeces on:

  • The name of the powder material
  • The weather resistance and physical and mechanical properties of the finished polymer coating.

4. In terms of particle size, powder coating is closer to pollen than flour.

Dimensions of 1 particle of powder are 40-60 microns, of premium flour are 180-190 microns, of pollen are 10-100 microns. Compare and draw conclusions.

5. Powder coating is a reusable product.

Thanks to recuperation, powder materials are used for up to 95-98%. It is optimal to reuse powder coating in a 70/30 ratio, where 70% is new powder and 30% is recuperator.