Primateki teabevara // Powder Coating Invention

Today, powder coating is known as a material with high performance, protective and decorative qualities. Therefore, it is actively used in a variety of areas: from coating furniture frames to car disks. This coating significantly extends the life of the products and makes them look very attractive.

Powder coatings began to develop as an alternative to other paints and varnishes in the 50s of the last century. The invention of a new technology was required for economic reasons. Then new technologies began to appear in other areas. Pipeline transport came and the pipes had to have a high-quality coating. Naturally, the paints and varnishes known at that time could not provide the required coating properties. Therefore, it was necessary to come up with something new.

Meanwhile, buyers could already afford to be a little finicky and choose an individual design of products, use only safe materials. In addition, all manufacturers wanted to improve the quality of the painting of their products. That is, powder coating was developed in order to improve the appearance of the covered products, increase the strength of the coating, reduce material consumption and harm the environment.

The first attempts to use powder coating technology began in 1950. And by 1955 the first patents were issued in Germany. At the same time, an electrostatic method of applying it to products was developed. In 1963, the first electrostatic sprayers appeared in Germany. They very quickly began to be used by painters of powder coating, so they began to explore this direction with even greater zeal.

A few years later, epoxy-based coatings appeared. This made it possible to achieve uniformity and strength of the coating. And by 1972, they developed polyester, epoxy and acrylic based powders for decorative coating. This made it possible to obtain a beautiful appearance of coated products. Powder coating has gained even more popularity. Many enterprises began to engage in powder coating as an additional service.

In the 60s they also developed an anodizing system, invented “metallics” and powders resistant to negative external influences. Although, they say that something similar to anodizing was still in ancient civilizations. Some attempts to create powder coating were made by the Egyptians in the 3rd century BC, the Indians and the first Americans. The Incas crushed precious stones and metals into dust, and then decorated their products with it. And in Delhi, near the Kuwat-il-Islam mosque, there is a gilded, powder-like column, created at approximately 415 AD.

The first full-fledged plant for the production of powder coatings started operating in the USA in 1974. Nowadays powder coating is considered to be the most modern and durable coating for metal products. Developments in this area are ongoing. Methods for applying powder to MDF are already known. Perhaps very soon it will be possible to use powder coating for covering products made of absolutely any material.